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Navalguns2.png 16"/50 Mark 7 Nuclear Gun Battery
Faction Junkyard
Mass 800t
Health 60
Size 11m x 11m x 5.5m
Weapon System
DMG per shot 7.1
Reload time 4.0s
Can Autofire Yes
Range 1997m
Price 0.0750 Wex

The 16"/50 Mark 7 Nuclear Gun Battery is a module in Lightspeed Frontier.

It says 'U.S.S. Iowa' on the inside wall. Looks old and heavily modified.

The nuclear gun battery is one of the most slow-turning and slow-reloading turrets in the game that does compensate for its shortcomings with long range and impressive splash damage.


It's generally found on dreadnought and infinity sized outer rim starships.

After it has been attached to the player's ship once or stored in cargo, its schematic will become available and the module itself purchasable at stations.


  • The turret's description is generated randomly, with a different Iowa/Montana-class ship in place of the U.S.S. Iowa. The names include the following: Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kentucky and Montana. The last two names belong to two unbuilt Montana-class battleships which hints that they may have been completed and saw active service in the Lightspeed Frontier universe.