Lightspeed Frontier Wiki
5cal.png 5"/42 Caliber Gun "The Fork"
Faction Junkyard
Mass 125t
Health 30
Size 5.5m x 5.5m x 5.5m
Weapon System
DMG per shot 3.6
Reload time 0.6s
Can Autofire Yes
Range 1100m
Price 0.0300 Wex

The 5"/42 Caliber Gun "The Fork" is a module in Lightspeed Frontier.

Fires high explosive rounds at a decent rate. Accuracy may vary however.

Salvaged from a 20th century Earth sea-based destroyer, later upgraded and refit many times across the years. The barrels were elongated, the loading system was replaced with an energy-to-ammo replicator. It's still considered very outdated but the design is nothing if not determined to say around.


Medium and large sized Junkyard faction ships in the outer rim often use it as a main means of defense or as a part of the secondary battery.


It supports all three fire groups and acts in every way as any other turret.


Like most weapons, the turret is attached radially. However due to its somewhat narrow turning angle of 190 degrees it can be placed closer to other modules on its rear side - making it ideal for side placement.

Along it its turning circle space it occupies 6 ship attachment units in total (3 wide, 2 long, 2 high).