Lightspeed Frontier Wiki
Flak.png 880mm Flak Cannon
Faction Junkyard
Mass 25t
Health 12
Size 5.5m x 5.5m x 5.5m
Weapon System
DMG per shot 2.3
Reload time 1.0s
Can Autofire Yes
Range 963m
Price 0.0096 Wex

The 880mm Flak Cannon is a module in Lightspeed Frontier.

Fires shells that explode over a larger area. In theory.

The flak cannon is one of the earliest introduced weapons in the game that hasn't been changed very much since its introduction. While it cannot rotate or change elevation as a turret, it can still shoot sideways and up/down by a few degrees.

It is most notable for doing low splash damage which can become decently destructive, providing you equip an array of them. Relatively slow shell speed is also characteristic for it, making aiming somewhat harder.


Junkyard faction ships in the outer rim can commonly spawn with flak cannons attached, especially smaller vessels. It is most likely the second weapon a player will obtain while playing, after the minigun.

After it has been attached to the player's ship once or stored in cargo, its schematic will become available and the module itself purchasable at stations.


Due to its low damage it is best used in large groups - which combined with the splash damage can produce very destructive results against junkyard faction ships. Along with the nuclear gun battery it does 200% damage to shields.

It supports all three fire groups.


The weapon can be radially attached to any free shown ship attachment node due to its small size (1x1x1 in the ship attachment grid).


  • It's the only remaining weapon in the game that hasn't yet received a pivoting overhaul of the model that would allow it to rotate its tube in the direction of targeting.


Flak cannons mounted on a ship.

Muzzle flash effects, shells flying and flak explosions.