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Combat is a common part of space exploration, with property rights loosely defined except in the heavily populated systems.


When flying small ships it's important to keep on the move and strafe to dodge enemy shots.


  • Each ship is based on modules, like yours. The command pod is the most important part of a ship, as it ensures your survival. If all of them on one ship are destroyed, the ship is explodes no matter how many other modules it has.
  • You can detach one of the command pods and turn your ship into a derelict using the button found in the ship stats panel.

Secondary battery[]

Secondary battery is the third Firing Group. Weapons assigned to it will automatically fire at the locked on target. Aiming with auto targeting guns is the most effective when both ships are standing still or moving towards or away from each other. It is not recommended to assign guns that can't turn in all directions to the secondary battery since the gun will still fire even if the target is not in its firing arc and you'll waste electricity.

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