Lightspeed Frontier

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Authors Vid "MoffKalast" Rijavec (Lead Developer)
Danial "Poshdan" Karsai (Programmer)
Luka "Grizeldi" Pepelnjak (Programmer)
Published by Riveted Games
Platforms Windows (64bit), Linux (64bit), Mac (64bit)
Written in Java 8
Game Engine jMonkeyEngine 3

Lightspeed Frontier is a game first created by Vid "MoffKalast" Rijavec and published by Riveted Games. It is heavily inspired by TerraTech and Rebel Galaxy.

You've decided to leave everything behind and try your hand at captaining a ship on the fringes of the universe. Customize your ship piece by piece to tackle whatever adventures 
await you. Take on crime lords and space pirates in battle, undercut corporations that are monopolizing business, influence the galactic stock market, and become the most 
successful captain you can be.
In this sci-fi adventure sandbox game, you have the opportunity to explore and influence the universe around you and make your own path. Take on open ended missions that will 
have a lasting effect on your surroundings, and embark on an adventure to discover the mysteries of Lightspeed Frontier.

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