Lightspeed Frontier Wiki
Commandjunk.png Rustbucket Small Command Pod
Faction Junkyard
Mass 150t
Health 30
Size 5.5m x 5.5m x 11m
Command Pod
CMD Points 60
Fuel Tank
Fuel Capacity 16m³
Power Gen 0.04 GW
Efficiency 100 gas/m³
Engine System
Thrust 0.4 MN
Engine Power use 0.003 GW
Engine Fuel Use 0.03m³/s
Price 0.0224 Wex

The Rustbucket Small Command Pod is a module in Lightspeed Frontier.

Pre-warp era control pod. You must be really broke. Still contains a 16m³ fuel tank and an RTG.


When starting a new game the player always starts in this pod along with the other starter modules.


- The pod was one of the first ship modules to be added into the game and the current 3D module still resembles the initial placeholder visuals.

- A development image exists of the supposed internal structure of this pod, which suggests most of the other pods and habitation modules are two-storey as well: