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A stock livery space station

Space stations are large, mostly immobile space structures that can offer the player various facilities supporting repair, stock market access, module trade and refueling.

The main construction parts are station modules, which can offer a variety of services.


Depending on which modules are attached, each station can offer a variety of services.

List of all available services[]

  • Stock Market
  • Trade Terminal
  • Crafting Terminal
  • Ship Saving/Loading
  • Ship Repair
  • Livery Change
  • Management Dashboard


Once a player obtains either a Station Central Hub or a Typhoon Spherical Habitation Hub, it can be dragged into a free area in space and placed there using the drag and drop building system.

The core will then form a new space station that can be extended with either station modules for station-specific services or regular starship modules (for instance weapons, shields, cargo containers, etc.).

A player created station will be labeled as blue and will show up on the galaxy map. Similar to friendly NPC ships, owned and friendly stations will shoot the player targeted object or any hostiles in range.

Space Station Liveries[]

Unlike ship modules, these can be repainted to have a different texture.

Derelict Stations[]

There is a chance for a space station to spawn as a derelict, but it does differ depending on the galactic sector.


The grey/blueish skin is the factory default skin of all station modules.



The stations in the Outer Rim are all rusted from the near-hull safety air layer and unmaintained.

Image 20170916 120632.png Image 20170916 120646.png


Company specific advertisement liveries can be chosen in the station Dashboard menu, and they will spawn naturally as well.


Image 20170921 153646.png


Image 20170921 154115.png