U.R.A. LongHouse-Class Pod

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Bridgeagency.png U.R.A. LongHouse-Class Pod
Faction U.R.A.
Mass 400t
Health 300
Size 11m x 5.5m x 16.5m
Command Pod
CMD Points 180
Fuel Tank
Fuel Capacity 60m³
Power Gen 0.09 GW
Scan Distance 7 a.u.
Efficiency 350 gas/m³
Engine System
Thrust 1.2 MN
Engine Power use 0.008 GW
Engine Fuel Use 0.03m³/s
Price 0.1125 Wex

The U.R.A. LongHouse-Class Pod is a module in Lightspeed Frontier.

State-of-the-art command center for all your space travelling needs. Contains a 60m³ fuel tank and an RTG.